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    Back to school, Amanda Friedman



    TRIVIA: The psychiatrist’s name, “Lee Sum Yee”, is a homophone (in Cantonese) for “your psychiatrist”.


    When Yan and SP Wong are waiting at the elevator, the digital floor counter skips the 4th floor. In China and Hong Kong, the number 4 is considered bad luck because it sounds similar to the word ‘death’.

Kvivik Igloo, Faroe islands, Denmark

    Kvivik Igloo, Faroe islands, Denmark

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  4. FILM 1206: MARY AND MAX


    TRIVIA: It took 2400 teaspoons of lubricant to create the ocean when Max imagines himself on a desert island.


    One Tomb Stone over from Ruby’s reads “R.I.P. Adam Elliot”, the writer/director of the film.


    The street, Lamington Drive, is a play on words: Lamingtons are an Australian cake. They are sometimes used in fund-raising activities by schools and other organizations, whereby they are sold in bulk. Such activities are referred to as ‘Lamington Drives’.


    This is the very first animated film to open for the Sundance Film Festival.


    Principal photography lasted over 57 weeks, using 133 separate sets, 212 puppets, and 475 miniature props, including a fully functional Underwood typewriter. This took 9 weeks to design and build.


    The postage stamps in the film used by Mary feature an image of Dame Edna Everage, a character played by comedian Barry Humphries, who also narrates the film.


    Barry Humphries (The Narrator) and Eric Bana (Damien) have both previously lent their voices to Finding Nemo (2003), playing the sharks Bruce and Anchor respectively.


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(via INTERIOR JUNKIE » Vrolijk huis in Melbourne)


    (via INTERIOR JUNKIE » Vrolijk huis in Melbourne)



    TRIVIA: At the time it was made, it was hailed as the only live action film in which a human actor makes no appearance.


    Although there are nine of them, the Skeksis were originally based on the seven deadly sins.


    From a budget of $15 million, the film made slightly over $40 million, a rather disappointing figure. This was put down to the fact that many parents felt the film was too scary for their children and also because it opened against the box office juggernaut that was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982).


    Conceptual designer Brian Froud was behind the look and feel of virtually every aspect of the film’s production, from creatures and landscapes right down to the font of the opening title. In total, it took up five years of his life.


    Jim Henson offered 22-year-old puppeteer Kevin Clash a job on the film, but since Clash was busy with both Captain Kangaroo (1955) and The Great Space Coaster (1981), he had to turn it down.



    TRIVIA: The movie director Sergio Leone worked as an assistant for Vittorio De Sica during the filming of this movie. He also has a short appearance as one of the priests that are standing next to Bruno and Antonio during the rainstorm.


    Lianella Carell was a journalist who came to interview Vittorio De Sica when they were looking for someone to play the role of Maria. But, when De Sica saw her, he instantaneously decided that she would play Maria for the movie.


    Vittorio De Sica claimed he selected the actors for the characters of both Bruno and Antonio because of their walks.


    The Swedish title for “Ladri di biciclette” (plural ‘thieves’) is “Cykeltjuven” (singular ‘The Bicycle Thief).

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sanya kantarovsky
When Things Don’t Work Out, 2014
[oil, watercolor, pastel, oilstick on linen]


    sanya kantarovsky

    When Things Don’t Work Out, 2014

    [oil, watercolor, pastel, oilstick on linen]

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